Education at Saint Peter Claver is a partnership between parents and the school. The school welcomes and encourages parent involvement and has made communication between parent and school a priority. Saint Peter Claver offers Cornerstone as a  parent/school communication tool  and The Village for parental engagement. Festivals, field trips, collaborative concerts, arts programs and athletic events all thrive from the active participation of the entire school community and the school community thrives from clear, consistent communication between school and parents.


Cornerstone is Web-based system that allows students, teachers, parents and administrators at Saint Peter Claver to easily communicate, share information and manage their tasks. It helps us organize and manage all of our information, spread messages and strengthen cooperation by increasing communication between  staff, teachers, students, parents.

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All parents are members of the Village, Saint Peter Claver’s Parent Association, The Village is a Parent/Teacher Organization comprised of parents, teachers, family and community members of St. Peter Claver Catholic School and is exists to foster and promote a Christ-centered environment; encouraging Catholic traditions.  The goal is to educate and empower students by providing assistance with self-esteem, personal growth and development.

The mission  of the Village is to assist each student to reach their full potential academically, while cultivating a cohesive environment that is socially and spiritually balanced; creating a nurturing, respectful partnership between administration, parents, staff and students.

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MCA testing windows

MCA II Reading: Grade 3-8
3/6/17 to 3/17/17

MCA II Math: Grade 3-8
4/10/17 to 4/28/17