Saint Peter Claver seeks a diversified student body, which brings to the school students with many different talents and experiences from a variety of socioeconomic, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Financial grants are available for students in ALL grade levels.

To be considered for a financial grant, families are required to complete an application through TADS. Saint Peter Claver uses TADS to ensure that the awarding of financial grants is determined in an equitable manner. TADS applies a consistent and objective formula to calculate a family’s ability to pay. This formula considers income, assets, liabilities, family size and the number of children attending tuition charging schools.

Tuition 2017-18 – Kindergarten – grade 8 – $1,400

Annual Plan
Due on July 15

Semi-Annual Plan
Due on July 15 and December 15

Quarterly Plan
(Automatic Bank Withdrawal – ABW)
Four, evenly divided payments deducted from your account on: July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1.

Monthly Plan
(Automatic Bank Withdrawal – ABW)
Eleven, evenly divided payments deducted from your account July through May. You may have the payment deducted on either the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th or the 25th of each month.