Saint Peter Claver is a K – 8 elementary school steeped in the best tradition of Catholic education. We welcome students from a wide range of religious, ethnic, cultural and academic backgrounds, and we strive to bring out the personal best in each student through a balance of supportive relationships and challenging work.

Our teachers are dedicated, creative professionals who understand the needs of the young child.  They foster a sense of peace and stability in our home-like environment. Our very low teacher to student ratio enables us to meet the individual needs of each student.

Language Arts

We believe that language and literature play pivotal roles in our personal and professional lives; that precision in speech and writing is dependent on ability, motivation and practice; that the refinement of verbal skills is a process closely aligned with maturity and growth; and that the reading of great literature inspires critical thinking, awakens imagination, and provides the foundation for language and writing skills.


We strive to provide a program in which each student is challenged according to his or her ability to develop facility in using mathematical skills. Our program has two main goals: an immediate one of preparing each student for future courses in mathematics and related disciplines and a long-range one of bringing students to a level of mathematical knowledge and competence which will enable them to approach any problem they encounter through various problem solving strategies.  Each level of mathematics emphasizes the acquisition of basic and complex skills, clarity and precision of language, effective techniques for solving problems, and fluency between the four representations: verbal, algebraic, tabular, and graphical.


The goal of the science program is to inculcate in students a deep respect for and a continued interest in science, to foster an appreciation of the work of scientists, and to develop an attitude that expresses this respect and appreciation. The activities are designed to stimulate the students to be grounded in scientific principles rather than mere facts, to organize knowledge rather than to simply collect data, to learn to inquire using scientific methods rather than to judge before inquiry, to derive the spirit of inquiry from well-planned laboratory exercises, and to critically assess the science related statements and claims which they encounter. We hope to make our students aware of the problems of society which are related to science, and to guide them in analyzing these problems using their knowledge of science and the moral principles to which they adhere.

Social Studies & Religion

We educate students to be critical thinkers and reflective students. We strive to lead our students to make independent decisions consistent with their moral values and the principles of the democratic society in which they live; we encourage them to develop a lively curiosity about the past so they may better understand the present; we instruct them in the inquiry and communications skills needed to continue critical examination and evaluation throughout their lives. Finally, our teaching methods emphasize the importance of analyzing and evaluating international, political, economic, and social issues in an attitude of justice and understanding. It is our hope that our students will leave our school as informed, sympathetic, and active participants in their varied communities.


We offer all students the opportunity to develop their artistic skills.  Students learn to be open and respectful as they take an experimental and creative approach to a variety of materials and develop a sense of the discipline and effort required to achieve results.  Students discover the importance of careful organization, clear analytical thinking, and well-focused goals as well as an awareness of the joy of learning, thinking, and creating.

Physical Education

Physical education is an integral part of a students total education. Apart from the enhancement of mental energy and academic performance, physical education helps to develop in the individual a sense of physical well-being that translates itself into a confident self-image. A regular program of exercise and recreation can improve one’s quality of life. Our program offers something for everyone by placing emphasis on total participation rather than on the development of the gifted athlete.